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As a twenty year call center veteran I found this equipment to outperform competing systems at a fraction of the cost. DGVox machines have served us extremely well for 7+ years with virtually no technical glitches even after hundreds of thousands of hours of recording time. We would gladly recommend the Vox machine to anyone with need for a reliable recorder. 
Jim Garey, 
teleXpertise, Inc.



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Voyager Pro UC

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Mack signed a contract with ZTE corporation.

Mack signed a contract in August 2010 with ZTE corporation for Pan India ‘Installation & commissioning of Telecom equipments'

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Client Support

What makes us different?

What distinguishes Vox Spectrum is its strong customer driven approach and the desire to meet clients’ demands for quality.


Case Study

  • Vox :: CALL CENTER
    The Customer A leading satellite television distributor who provides pay television, interactive & digital services across...